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A Kepler's Dozen
Edited by Steve B. Howell and David Lee Summers

  • Trade paperback: $12.95 (plus shipping)
  • Ebook editions available at:

  • Thirteen stories about distant worlds that really exist

    A new anthology of action-packed, mysterious, and humorous stories all based on real planets discovered by the NASA Kepler mission. Edited by and contributing stories are David Lee Summers—best selling author of Owl Dance, The Pirates of Sufiro, and other novels—and Steve B. Howell, project scientist for the Kepler mission. Whether on a prison colony, in a fast escape from the authorities, or encircling a binary star, thirteen exoplanet stories written by authors such as Mike Brotherton, Laura Givens, and J Alan Erwine will amuse, frighten, and intrigue you while you share fantasy adventures among Kepler's real-life planets.

    Read more about the anthology and see where the planets are located in this press release from the National Optical Astronomy Observatory.

    Table of Contents

    • Middle Ground by Mike Brotherton
    • Turtle Soup by Laura Givens
    • The Gloom of Tartarus by Gene Mederos
    • A Glint off the Glass by Rick Novy
    • Omega Shadows by Carol Hightshoe
    • Daniel and the Tilmarians by Doug Williams
    • Exposure at 35b by Mike Wilson
    • Hot Pursuit by David Lee Summers
    • Tracking the Glints by Anna Paradox
    • An Eternity in Limbo by J Alan Erwine
    • A Mango and Two Peanuts by Steve B. Howell
    • The Company You Keep by M.H. Bonham
    • Kokyangwuti by Melinda Moore

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