Chronicles of the Planeswalkers: Alignment
B.T. Robertson

  • Trade paperback: $7.47 (Shipping Included)

  • The Planar Alignment is at hand and a powerful being named Hydrais awaits his return from banishment on the Dark Plane of Zamas. Meanwhile, on the Plane of Vaalüna, Aerinas, along with his friends and allies, struggle to prevent Hydrais' return. To do so, they must battle the forces of evil while Aerinas confronts truths about himself and the cold, calculating intelligence that dominates all life and destiny.

    "With each book in the Planeswalkers series, B.T. Robertson writes with greater power and ease. With this installment, he proves himself to be a master of the craft, on par with the best fantasy writers of the day." David Farland, New York Times best-selling author of The Runelords

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